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If you just bought a used car and find that it smells like smoke, “wet dog,” or mold, this could make it hard for you to drive. Other times, smells you don’t want can sneak up on you, like a fast food wrapper you forgot or a sweaty sports kit.
For your car to stay in great shape, keep its resale value, and be a pleasant place to drive in general, it should not smell.
Woman Covering Her Nose in the Car Because of a Bad Smell
Here are our top 5 tips for getting rid of bad smells in your car and keeping it smelling fresh.
Professional Service for Cleaning Up
The easiest way to get rid of smells you don’t like in your car is to hire a pro. An expert auto detailer can clean the inside of your car from top to bottom. The upholstery is most likely to hold smells, so a professional can focus on that.
The professional detailer will use special products to get rid of the smell, whether it’s from smoke, mold, or “wet dog.”
The easiest way to get rid of smells in your car is to hire a professional, but this is also the most expensive option. Instead of hiring a professional, you could take care of the smell yourself.
Here are some cheaper alternatives that you can do yourself:
Baking Soda
Baking soda, also called bicarbonate of soda, is cheap and can be found in most grocery stores. It can be used to clean many things, including getting rid of smells. Putting a bowl of baking soda in the car overnight should help get rid of any bad smells.
Tip: Take the bowl out of the car before you leave to avoid spilling.
Sheets for a tumble dryer
Tumble dryer sheets are easy to find in grocery stores and cleaning stores and cost between £1 and £2 per pack. Put a few sheets in the seat and door pockets to make the car smell better.
White Vinegar
White vinegar smells strong and harsh, but it is great for getting rid of bad smells. Put a small cup of white vinegar in your car and leave it there overnight. As the vinegar evaporates, it will pick up smells that are strong. If the smell is coming from one place, like the passenger seat, you can use a wet cloth and vinegar and water that has been diluted to get rid of the smell.
Tip: Don’t use straight vinegar on the inside of your car because it smells very strong.
Scents for the air
You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned car air freshener, which you can find in most supermarkets and auto shops. Most air fresheners are cheap, with prices starting at about £1. Air fresheners are a good way to get rid of a bad smell in your car quickly and temporarily. But a car air freshener is likely to just cover up the smell and not get rid of it for good.
How to Keep Car Smells from Coming Back
Now that you’ve gotten rid of the bad smell in your car, you want to keep it smelling good all year long. Investing in cheap things like seat covers and air fresheners will help keep smells from coming back in your car.
Here are the best ways we know to keep your car clean.
Covers for car seats
Buy seat covers for the front and back seats of your car. Seat covers are a good buy because they keep smells, stains, and muddy paw prints off your seats.
Air fresheners for cars
Keep some air fresheners in your car’s glovebox so you’re ready if an unpleasant smell comes on.
Regular Car Cleaning
Clean the inside of your car often to keep smells from building up. Here are the best ways to valet your car at home, according to us.
Don’t smoke in your car.
If you smoke, you shouldn’t smoke in the car, even if the windows are open. If you smoke in your car, the toxins can soak into the seats and other furniture, making it hard to get rid of the smell.
It’s a fact that cars with bad smells are less fun to drive. Your car should be a comfortable place to be, but a bad smell can make it feel dirty and unclean. Instead of dreading getting in the car, it’s best to get rid of the bad smell. Getting rid of the smell will help you and the car’s resale value, no matter if you hire a professional or do it yourself. For professional car odor removal, contact Deodormaster.

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