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How To Remove Smoke Odors From Cars and Homes

Foul odors are everywhere for anyone who hasn’t gone “nose-blind” to them. They can make being in a college dorm or a men’s locker room difficult. How about riding shotgun in the ’08 Town Car your friend bought used from Tommy Tomatoes, who chain smoked 20 packs a day and chauffeured a bull dog and his drunken cigar-smoking poker squad in Vegas this past New Years Eve? Prepare to have your mind blown.

Even the foulest smelling car interiors may be made to smell like new using a simple yet highly efficient procedure!

Ozone is a mixture of extremely reactive oxygen atoms and molecules known as “free radicals” that helps to destroy poisonous microbiological and chemically offensive compounds in and around our surroundings. Ozone is a natural cleanser that, when harnessed for commercial reasons, may be used for a variety of purposes, including the elimination of smoke odors! We’ll go over the science of ozone in more detail in a later post, but for now, let’s go over some of the fundamentals of how ozone is used professionally to remove smoking and other odors from automobiles, homes, and other enclosed human spaces.

Ozone operates by altering the molecular structure of chemical molecules that emit foul odors, such as tar, one of the most irritating byproducts of cigarette smoking. The tar is transformed to a simple form of ash when Ozone (O3) comes into touch with it, resulting in total neutralization and ODOR ELIMINATION!

The effectiveness of Ozone therapies is determined by a number of factors:

  • Severity of smoke odor(s) often indicated by a yellowing or discoloration of walls and surfaces
  • Quality of oxygen source
  • Power output of ozone generators
  • Number of ozone generators
  • Concentration of ozone (measured in ug/ml)
  • Square footage and volume of space(s) being treated
  • Duration of treatment

The practice of “strong ozone shock” is the most efficient approach for removing cigarette, cigar, and other types of smoke odors. The following items are required for this procedure:

  • General containment of space(s) to be treated
  • High concentration of O3
  • Sufficient duration of time held at high concentration

We recommend a pre-treatment with a high-tech microbial enzyme applied to the treatment area first for really strong smoke odor removal. To maximize dispersion within the room, we use an industrial fogging machine to administer this enzyme.

Property managers and normal consumers frequently try to eliminate odors on their own using low-cost, non-commercial ozone generators and equipment, single transformers, and even modest computer fans, but this seldom, if ever, yields excellent results. When consumers attempt to erase odors by painting over walls and surfaces, the paint only serves as a moderate barrier to the base scents, resulting in paint chemical degradation and significantly longer treatment durations if professional odor remediation is chosen later.

The technique for treating both automobiles and residences is similar, however we recommend spraying the microbial enzyme on the car’s headliner first, then running a machine for two days or more, depending on the intensity of the stench.

Are you tired of cigarette, cigar, and other smoke scents in your car or home? Give us a call at 615-379-7676, and Deodor Master will take care of it.

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