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How to Remove Tobacco Smoke Odor – Professional Smoke Odor Removal

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Tobacco odor can accumulate after several years of smoking in an enclosed space. Unfortunately, even after people quit smoking in the room, the odor might persist and be difficult to eliminate.

When a person smokes a cigarette, the smoke leaves behind a thick, sticky residue. This residue adheres to numerous surfaces in the room, including the walls and furniture, allowing the aroma to pervade the environment. Carpets, upholstery, and cushions absorb this odor as well, producing a thirdhand smoke-filled environment.

While removing the cigarette smell in a room might be tough and time-consuming, there are several ways you can attempt.

Long-Term Tobacco Odor Removal Methods
If you’re seeking for long-term remedies to get rid of cigarette odor in a room, consider the following:

Allowing fresh air in by opening your windows.
Installing a fan to help drive some of the inside air outside.
Changing the filters in your air conditioner and furnace.
Replacing any upholstery, pillows, furniture, or draperies that may have a cigarette odor.
The walls were cleaned and repainted. To assist neutralize and remove the cigarette smell, utilize cleaning products containing glycol or ammonia. Then, using latex paint, repaint the walls.
From top to bottom, clean the entire room. This includes cleaning large surfaces such as the ceiling, hardwood floors, rugs, fixtures, and blinds.
Ways to Get Rid of the Tobacco Smell in the Short Term
There are also numerous quick and easy short-term treatments for removing leftover cigarette odors in a place. Try these quick yet temporary fixes:

Overnight, sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and furniture to help neutralize and absorb scents. The following day, you can vacuum it up.
Set up an air purifier.
In the room, light either unscented or scented candles.
Put coffee beans or orange peels in dishes throughout the house.
Include a few indoor plants.
While these quick fixes can help with tobacco odor removal, they only provide a temporary fix and do not actually remove and erase the pollutants and stench.

For Professional Tobacco Smoke Odor Removal Service, Contact Deodormaster.
If you’ve tried any of the long-term or short-term remedies for removing cigarette odors from a room and still have a lingering stink, you’ll most likely require professional equipment and services to get rid of it.

Deodormaster provides a variety of professional tobacco smoke and odor removal services to assist you in removing harmful pollutants and odors from your space. Our crew works quickly to provide excellent tobacco odor removal services. You’ll be able to use the area again in no time, in a more safer, scent-free environment.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with removing hazardous tobacco residue and odors from your area.

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