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Pet Odor Removal Services in Nashville, TN

We offer Whole House Pet Odor Elimination Services and Odor Inspection Services for homes in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas that may have some to a lot of pet urine odor damage. Dog urine smells can be hard to get rid of if you don’t know where it comes from. Our technicians will find the source of the odor, come up with a plan, and get rid of urine odor from your house for good!

We don’t use fragrances, enzymes, or ozone to get rid of urine odor. Instead, we try to get rid of as much of the source as we can. The method we use to get rid of urine odors works on subfloors, concrete, drywall, and studs. When the job is done, your home will smell more like new construction, not strong deodorizers and masking agents that make it smell bad.

Services to get rid of the smell of cat urine in the house

Our most popular service is to get rid of the smell of cats from homes. In the US, more people own cats than dogs. The most important thing to do to get rid of cat urine odor is to have an odor inspection done first. When we do our pet odor inspection, we look everywhere until we find cat urine. It can be found anywhere the cat can climb.

As high as the upper kitchen cabinets, 4 to 8 feet high on walls, along baseboards, fireplaces and a/c and heating ducts have been the places where cats have peed. We have been called to get rid of the cat urine smell. A cat or a group of cats can do as much damage as they want if they have the chance or aren’t looked after.

Clients who hire us for cat odor removal in Nashville, TN know right away that our Odor Encapsulator will remove 100% of the odor from any surface we treat with it. 95 percent cat odor removal is not good enough! We get a lot of calls from people who want us to check out homes that have been renovated but still have about 5% or less cat urine smell.

Pet Odor Cleanup Services for Houses

When it comes to getting rid of pet odors from your home, make sure the service provider can say with certainty that the smell will be gone! The best way to get rid of pet odor in the house is not to just spray enzymes and deodorizers that don’t work.

The best question you can ask anyone you are considering for the job is “Do you guarantee 100% Odor Elimination?” If the answer is yes, you can ask them that question to make sure. People may be able to do the job.

Make sure that the home or area that needs to be treated has been thoroughly checked out with a UV Black light and a hydrometer. We even use thermography or put our noses to the ground when we need to.

A company that removes animal odors from homes.

Clients who call for animal odor removal in homes usually don’t know what they’re smelling. These clients are usually new home buyers, tenants, or realtors who don’t know who lived there before.

These animal odors can be caused by animal urine not being cleaned properly, strong fragrances covering up animal urine, or just a musty dog body odor that is too strong. Identifying the smell of these odors helps you figure out where the most likely place to find the source is and get rid of it 100%.

In the past, we’ve cleaned up animal odors in homes that housed hundreds of cats at a time, and we’ve also kept people from being evicted because their homes smelled bad because of nuisance animals.

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