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Smoke odors are hard to get rid of, no matter where they are. When you have the smell of smoke in your home or business, you want to get rid of it quickly. We work primarily with Chlorine Dioxide to eliminate foul indoor smoke odors. Deodormaster can remove smoke odors from homes, automobiles, and businesses.

Residential Smoke Odor Cleanup

Do most surfaces in your house smell of smoke? Everything you own, from clothes to walls, likely smells like smoke, right? If you’ve tried to get rid of the smoke odors, you’re likely to have failed because normal household cleaners can’t get to all the places these odors hide. Fire or cigarette smoke smells can be tough to get rid of without the proper training.

People exposed to persisting fire and cigarette smoke smell for a long time could get allergies. When you’re ready to improve the air quality in your home, think about our fire and smoke odor elimination service.

At Deodormaster, we use a gentle product to eliminate the smell-causing molecules deep in all areas of your home, auto, or business. To get rid of smoke odors at the source, we use a fine vapor that can penetrate walls and other porous places.

Many of our customers don’t know just how cheap we make it to get a home’s air clean again. Our professional smoke odor removal services start with an evaluation and analysis of the areas in your home that have been affected by smoke. We then develop a plan to get rid of smoke odors that fits your needs and your budget.

Our teams quickly and effectively remove fire and smoke odors from homes that have been damaged by fire or tobacco smoke for a low price.

615-294-8219 is the phone number for Deodormaster. They can remove smoke odors for a reasonable price.

Commercial Smoke Odor Cleanup

Air quality is critical to the health of your home. Unpleasant smoke smells can stay around for a long time and make it undesirable. At Deodormaster, we work with property owners and business owners to make their buildings smell fresh again.

Our professional odor removal services are the best way to get rid of any smoke odor at its source. As a result, our highly effective fire and smoke odor removal methods will go above and beyond your expectations without traditional remediation’s high costs and risky chemicals.

Our experts are the best whenever you need help with the smell of smoke coming from a business. We use an innovative nano vapor to eliminate difficult smoke odors at the source. This process is also great for any commercial setting.

We follow industry standards, giving you the peace of mind you need if you are trying to purchase a clean, odorless home. When you call 615-294-8219, you can learn more about our residential, auto, and commercial fire and smoke odor removal services.

Dedormaster vs. the competition: Deodormaster


We are usually 50-75% less expensive than our competitors because we don’t need to spend much money on demolition.


For the most part, we finish it quickly – usually in 1 day.


Airborne impurities can hide anywhere, so our Chlorine Dioxide Vapor will eliminate smoke odors at the source.

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