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After Decades Of Trial & Error
We Have Released The Perfect Odor Eliminator
We Call It TAVS™
It’s Our Exclusive 6 Step System
And It Will 100% Remove Any Foul Odor
From Cars To Boats
Homes To Sky-Scrapers
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For Vital Proprietary Step #3
Of Our 6 Step Odor Removal System

End Of Video Shows Room Filled With Vapor
Our System Leaves NO Footprint-0% Residue Left Behind

Cigarette, Cigar & Pipe Smoke Odors Gone Forever

What Happens To The Cigarette Smoke Odor?

Smoke and soot Are the byproducts of incomplete combustion of organic (alive or was alive ) material, if it incinerated (burned) completely it would be broken down into atoms because the soot and smoke are not completely broken down they are organic material decaying (rotting) that’s why the bad malodor,

Our TAVS™ system is a strong oxidizer, which completely decomposes the smoke and soot because it is combined with the chlorine dioxide, a unique metamorphosis happens, it accelerates the oxidation and Enables it to work through greasy surfaces were ozone cannot.

The combination of the chlorine dioxide and oxygen create a strong disinfectant (in many cases a sanitizer). This is why it kills so many bacteria’s and viruses but more importantly, it destroys the indoor smoke odor completely.

After decades of trial & error we have released the perfect odor eliminator we call It TAVS™ It’s our exclusive 6 step system and it will 100% Remove Any Foul Odor from cars to boats, and homes to sky-scrapers. Our Vital Proprietary Step #3 Of Our 6-step odor removal system is where we vaporize your vehicle, home or business indoor environment. We may need to clean the vehicle, home or business before starting our TAVS treatment if the property needs the source removed.

1. Free Inspection & Estimate

2. Property Preparation Before Vaporizing- Opening Cabinets, Drawers, Etc.

3. Set Up Vapor Treatment(s) and Vaporize the Entire Property

4. We Apply Our Germ Fighting Mist Throughout Entire Property

5. We Apply Our Exclusive TAVS Fog Throughout Entire HVAC Duct System

6. Complete Inspection with the Healthy Home Certificate

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Serving the entire Nashville Metro Area, including Franklin, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Madison, Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Green Hills, Spring Hill, Belle Meade, Forest Hills Antioch, Ashland City, Clarksville, Crieve Hall, Dickson, Fairview, Hermitage, La Vergne, Lebanon, Mt Juliet, Nolensville, Oak Hill, Old Hickory, Pleasant View, Percy Priest, Portland, Smyrna, Springfield, Thompson’s Station, West Meade, Spring Hill & Davidson, Williamson, Robertson, Rutherford, Cheatham, Sumner, and Wilson counties.