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Top Smoke Odor Removal Strategies

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Fire damage restoration services can be very profitable while also impressing customers. Contractors, on the other hand, require effective processes and techniques to rebuild or restore a structure after a fire, as well as to permanently remove the smoke odor.

Every year, following the wildfires, individuals air out their homes, believing they have eliminated the smoky smell for good. Then the rainy season or a humid day arrives, and the smoke smell reappears. Without a proven method to remove scents from contents and structures, it is normal for an odor to be present one day and gone the next, only to reappear some time later. In certain situations, the return of smoke odor can also bring back unpleasant memories, such as a house fire or watching a wildfire burn on the horizon at night while firemen battle to keep it at bay. These are all reasons why any repair firm needs an excellent smoke odor elimination technique.

Here are some great strategies for permanently eradicating smoke odor from a fire-damaged home:

Remove any visible damage.
Everything in the house that cannot be restored or cleaned should be removed. This could be severely damaged cabinets from a kitchen fire, charred carpet, melted plastic, and other such items. As your staff removes the things, make sure they are wearing the proper PPE because fire-damaged items can emit a variety of dangerous VOCs and dioxins.

Large things without physical damage but that smell smoky may be able to stay in the home and the odor eliminated as part of the overall structural restoration process, depending on your smoke odor removal method. There will be more on this in #3.

Thoroughly clean.
Make sure you have an effective degreaser and cleansers on hand. Consider using reusable or disposable microfibre clothes to improve cleaning efficiency. Wipe clean all surfaces, including walls, counters, floors, furniture, and doors. It may take several passes to remove all of the soot residue.

Start the odor elimination equipment.
What is your preferred method of odor removal? There are devices like hydroxyl and ozone, as well as products like CLO2 and odor masking agents that you may buy and utilize.

Let’s pretend you’re utilizing one of the most popular and successful odor removal techniques: hydroxyl. Consider setting up these machines and having them ready to go from the first day on the job. In addition to removing smoke odor from the air, hydroxyl radicals can break down and remove malodors from the contents of a building.

Seal any surfaces that require it.
If you suspect that large wooden beams or other porous surfaces may have a deep-penetrating smoke odor, try sealing those surfaces just in case. This is a popular technique for use on thick hardwood beams.

Perform some sniff tests!
Do you want to be sure the scents are completely gone? Perform some sniff tests around the house! This is especially crucial when a homeowner’s belongings are returned. Smell the furnishings and the walls; do you detect any odors? If you’ve followed the manufacturer’s instructions for your odor removal equipment and supplies, you should be able to walk out of the house knowing the stink is gone and won’t be returning.

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